Monday, January 5, 2009

stitchin' goodness!

I haven't embroidered in so long! & now that I've started again, I can't stop. There's just something soothing about the feeling of fabric between your fingers, the rythmn of the stitches, in and out... it's taking me back to my childhood!

I remember my first semester of college at a small Christian school in PA (ok, it was my ONLY semester there, if you must know!) I was sooooo bored. Classes were ok, my music was wonderful, but seriously, I'm a city girl! So I wandered into "town" one day & at the 5 & Dime I found some little embroidery kits in the sale bin & took them all back to my dorm room... guess what everyone got for Christmas that year? I wouldn't be surprised if Mom still has hers!

Thanks, Mom, for passing all your craftyness (is that a word?) down to me!