Friday, August 1, 2008

day one!

Wow, I keep reading everyone else's blogs & thought to myself "I can do that!". So here goes...

I haven't quite decided what my focus will be yet. Kids? I could talk about them (there are three... Leigh Anne, 18, Steve, 15 & Allyson who will be 12 on Tuesday!). Crafts? I like those too (mostly sewing, quilting, paper crafts). Or maybe music? Gosh.... this is hard!

Today I made 2 pillowcases for Leigh Anne to take to college (there's a whole post right there! Sending your first child off to college). They coordinate perfectly with her new bedding (which I'd show you a picture of, but alas it is all loaded in my mom & dad's car heading to Arizona!). I think she will be very happy with them. They were quick & easy to make...

I guess sewing was kind of a therapy for me today. Mom & Dad left here this morning with my baby, Allyson & all of Leigh Anne's "stuff". The rest of us will join them in Phoenix later in the month to move Leigh Anne in at ASU. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this adventure in a later post! Meanwhile.... I am wondering how Miss Allyson is doing with G'ma & G'pa (or rather, how they are doing with her?). I'm sure they are having a wonderful time, despite a rocky, preteen hormonal start!
Happy August! (where did the summer go?)


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